fueled by passion

Merritt is the artist’s atelier. We are innovators. We plan with precision, craft with care and build boldly knowing that our work lives on for generations of tomorrow. We only work with the finest designers, builders and craftsmen, and deliver woodwork that is unparalleled in our industry.

Only the extraordinary is acceptable for the world’s finest estates and superyachts.


Merritt is changing the definition of woodwork and joinery from the inside out. By constantly innovating, we stay steps ahead of both our competition and our clients to ensure that the future of our craft will be brighter, stronger and more powerful than ever before. As a family run company, Merritt is led by strong ideals that have remained at our core for fifty years. We believe in solid partnerships with our clients. We never miss a detail, a delivery or a deadline. We employ both cutting edge technology and age old techniques in cultivating our craft. Our approach is uncompromising and the result is the perfect alignment of beauty and precision.


As a young man, George A. Merritt honed his craft as an artisan woodworker in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1967 he founded Merritt Woodwork where he went on to mentor his own team of apprentices. By building a reputation for perfectionism and artistry, Merritt honed a niche delivering the highest-quality cabinetry and woodwork in the region. Today, his sons Michael and Keith not only continue their father’s legacy of extraordinary craftsmanship, premium materials and hands-on management, but have also grown the company in unexpected directions with exceptional results.

George A. Merritt, Founder

Keith & Michael Merritt

Through constant innovation and an obsession with perfection, Merritt moves the definition of woodwork and joinery forward.